By Kate Van Ness


“The World Seems Divided Between Women Who Prefer Accessories That Match-or Those Who Don’t.”

Matchy, matchy or not! In my showroom, Moxie, at the San Francisco Gift Center, those two philosophies are embodied in my showroom manager, Silvia Cuadra, a very stylish Latina fashionista, and myself with a bit edgier outlook on the fashion game.

Silvia prefers that a necklace and earring go together seamlessly. I like to mix and sometimes match. Neither outlook is more correct than the other. It’s just a question of what you’re comfortable with. A classic example is the idea of matching shoe and handbag color-black with black, brown with brown, and so on. That’s often an elegant idea, but it means changing bags, which can be a pain-especially if you forget something essential in the process. It’s fun to use similar thinking with jewelry. Have a nice pearl necklace? Either match it with pearl earrings, or why not wear a lovely diamond-or Cubic Zirconium-stud? (Do match the metal though.) You could also use a simple button earring.

Silvia, my matchy fashionista, is very creative at mixing designer looks together. She will often have three or four designer-inspired bracelets on. And every customer in the showroom wants to duplicate that look. Why? Because it’s original and full of rich texture. If you’re caught up in all the new hair goods that are starting to pop out (more on that at a later time), be sure not to pile on too many other accessories.

A fabric headband with earrings and a necklace and bracelets and a big, wide belt are just too much. The old rule about wearing no more than three accessory looks at once is actually a useful guide. Enjoy matching or not! One of my favorite tricks is to find a bag in an unusual color such as red, orange, or yellow. My thinking is: “it matches nothing, so therefore, it goes with everything!” You’d be amazed how this attitude simplifies your life.


Kate Van Ness

Guest Writer

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