What’s a Mandarin Collar?

What's a Mandarin Collar?A mandarin collar is a banded, stand up collar on blouses, jackets, dresses, etc. The name came from a feature on the gowns worn by the Mandarins in Imperial China. Mandarin collars can be found on both male and female clothing. They can have straight or rounded edges and meet at the center front or overlap slightly. Mandarin collars are found in Asain-style and minimalist clothing styles. They are casual and elegant. Style a shirt with a mandarin collar and classic blazer.

What's a Mandarin Collar? What's a Mandarin Collar? What's a Mandarin Collar?

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Basic White Blouses
Basic white blouses and / or white shirts are on center stage. They are versatile and can be worn any season of the year day or night. White blouses / shirts are wardrobe staples. Detailing such as pleats, open backs, cropped fronts, multiple layers, bib, collars, cuffs, darts, etc give a white blouse style.

Ways to Wear a Basic White Blouse
One of the best ways to spend your wardrobe dollars is on basics. These are items that will give you good “gas mileage”. The basic white blouse is a mainstay in most women’s closets. A plain white blouse / shirt for women is a staple that can add freshness to many casual and work outfits.

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