What looks good with flatforms?

What looks good with flatforms?Flatforms are one of my favorite shoe styles. Believe it or not they are being worn with tailored and dressy clothes as well as casual outfits. Flatforms are perfect and comfortable to wear and look fabulous with casual style skirts and dresses or shorts and pants. You can style embellished flatforms with jeans and pants with a tee or a simple cotton sheath. For an edgy look wear a pair with something tailored or to a cocktail dress. They are a way to get a lift and very popular with shorter females. What to wear this shoe style boils down to the style of the shoe.

What looks good with flatforms? What looks good with flatforms? What looks good with flatforms? What looks good with flatforms?

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Shoe Trends for Summer 2017
Shoe trends for summer 2017 seem to be colorful and many styles are embellished with colored stones, bows, feathers, ruffles and ribbons and designers favored see-through materials. If you want to wear statement shoes this season you are in luck.

Can I wear leopard print shoes with a print?
Leopard print shoes look awesome with prints. You can wear leopard print shoes with floral prints, stripes, polka dots, checks and plaids. Today’s style is all about mixing patterns and prints. When mixing prints or patterns choose a color that is in all the prints you are combining such as the models have done in these photos. For example there is black in the plaid blouse pictured on the right and in the leopard print shoes. Women are challenging fashion rules and it is fine as long as you pull together an outfit that flatters your figure type and looks good on you. How you look in your clothes depends on your attitude and how confident you feel in what you are wearing.