What is loden fabric?

What is loden fabric?Loden fabric is a durable, coarse, dense, water-repellent, woolen fabric used chiefly for coats and jackets. Originally worn by farmers and shepherds in the Austrian Alps. Loden coats and jackets are fashionable in the city or country and appropriate for hunting or leisure. Loden coats are usually in hunter green but loden fabric can be navy or charcoal. Coats and jackets made from loden fabric are warm, elegant and functional.

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Shopping for a Winter Coat
Fall is a good time to look for a winter coat. There are more styles available and a greater selection of sizes to be had before the selections are picked over. A winter coat is an investment piece and should keep you warm. Quality is important so don’t be afraid of allocating more of your wardrobe dollars for this purchase.

Warm Winter Coats
Winter season is right around the corner, time  to start shopping for a warm winter coat . Should you select a wool or down jacket? What about going for a shearling style? So many options when it comes to scouting for a winter coat. Here are my suggested styles for this chilly season.

What is A Good Investment in Clothing?
We have a tradition in our family.  We go to a movie every day during the holiday season from December 25th right through to New Year’s Day. It’s a fun tradition that I always look forward to. One of my favorite movies was “Up in the Air.” George Clooney plays the main character, an executive, who travels around the country to fire people. He has no life to speak of.  He carries all he needs in one wheel-away suitcase.


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