The Latest Fashion Trend: Break a Fashion Rule

The Latest Fashion Trend: Break a Fashion RuleThe Latest Fashion Trend: Break a Fashion Rule

If you want to look chic and / or ramp up your style the latest fashion trend is to break a fashion rule. Patterns and prints that clash, bold and bright colors, layer multiple pieces, print shoes with print dresses, print  skirts or print pants or wear  a ball gown with trainers. Fashionistas are wearing pajamas with hats and heels,  underwear is now outerwear and women are even wearing white to weddings when they are not the bride.


It is definitely tricky to go wild and look great but it does make it easier to pull an outfit together when nothing you put together is wrong and you don’t think you have anything to wear in your closet.

Break a Fashion Rule Can you wear a denim shirt with a floral skirt? Bold Stripe Fashion Trend


Ways to Pull off this Fashion Trend

Wear matching color shoes and bag or a denim jacket with wild prints and patterns will tone down your outfit.

A white top with a print or patterned skirt  or pair of pants looks great. With a print or patterned top  a white skirt or pair of pants is fabulous. Why not add print shoes for some fun.

If you want to wear the pajama trend it is easier to pull it off if you wear a pajama top or bottom instead of  both. A pajama top looks good with jeans or skinny pants and pajama bottoms are awesome with a cute top. Pair with heels or flats.

Bright colors are youthful and energetic and are easy to wear with print, patterned, or embellished shoes and handbags.  This look is easy for most to pull off.  However bright colors used sparingly (as in accessories) look best on large women.

Wearing white to a wedding can work if you know the bride is wearing a colored wedding dress. Otherwise don’t break the no white to weddings rule. Respect the bride since it is her day.

Now don’t fret if you don’t feel like being trendy or breaking a fashion rule, classics are always in style and in good taste.
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