What kind of wrap can I wear with blue, lace dress & black heels? The dress has short sleeves & it’s for an afternoon wedding in May.

What kind of wrap can I wear with blue, lace dress & black heels?A wrap in a cream color or white cashmere would look great with your blue lace dress for a Try to find a cardigan sweater or shrug for a wrap. Another option would be a pashmina /  shawl in cream, white or a matching blue color.

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Shopping for a Cardigan Sweater
Over the last several years, we have seen the cardigan sweater emerge as a garment that projects authority, a casual/comfortable authority. Anna Wintour, the British editor, whose opinion influences the fashion world was seen wearing them in the movie, “The September Issue”, a documentary about the creation of Vogue’s 2007 biggest issue ever. Michelle Obama wears them on occasion over dresses, skirts and pants.

What Should the Wedding Guest Wear?
Be a stylish wedding guest! Weddings are to celebrate, occasions to dress up. The wedding invitation provides the information to help you decide what to wear. Daytime (morning and afternoon) weddings are more casual than evening or formal weddings. Today any color is appropriate with the exception of white which is reserved for the bride.

Gemstones: Miraculous and Mysterious
A gemstone is a mineral rock or petrified material that when cut or faceted and polished can be used in jewelry or is a collectible. Others are organic. Some are too fragile to be used in jewelry, but can be seen on display in museums. The most important attribute of gemstones is their appearance. Gemstones are all different.

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