What kind of shoes do I wear with a green evening gown?

What kind of shoes do I wear with a green evening gown?A green evening gown would look great with silver, gold, nude color or black suede shoes. If your dress is light green go with a light color shoe. If your dress is dark green black suede or black patent leather shoes would look fabulous. shoe styles to consider are pumps, sling back, platform, peep toe or sandal style shoes. Your green evening gown sounds awesome.

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Party Dress Codes
It is almost always exciting and fun when a party invitation arrives. However sooner or later we have to start to think about what we will wear. When types of “dress codes” are indicated such as “smart casual”, “semi-formal,” “vineyard casual”, “festive”,  “cocktail chic” or etc. it can throw us for a loop. Where should one begin to figure out what any of these types of dress codes mean?

Statement Shoes: Platforms
Some platform shoe styles can add 4 or 5 inches to your height (or more?). Agreed looking taller and slender is appealing, and quite a few of us can benefit from adding a few inches to our legs. However, blurred by our long leg dream, the platforms have taken over our common sense. Perched on unstable blocks, we stomp the street unfortunately failing to realize how ungracefully we move.