Karen Kloop, Website Founder

Karen Kloop

Karen Kloop
Fashion Website Founder

Karen grew up in the Philadelphia area and completed two years of college before getting into film making to produce television commercials, political campaigns and documentaries.

After moving to New York Karen became interested in fashion. “New York women are so chic the way they put their outfits together, they are my inspiration. I grew up as a tomboy and never felt like I knew what to wear. In New York you need to figure out what to wear in short order; you need to have a put together look. I began observing what women were wearing and realized that New Yorkers leave home in the morning and may not come back until after dinner. It matters to the women of New York what they look like. They are always in the public, out and about. I began writing a book and met some young website designers who encouraged me to start a blog/website and “What2WearWhere” was born.
Karen’s day begins on her computer 1st thing in the morning writing posts, editing articles, making fashion selections and answering emails. “I have to pull myself away to go to the gym for exercise. After working out I am pretty much working all day on the website. I attend fashion related events in the evening, it’s a full day 24/7”.

“The biggest work related challenges to having a successful website are time and working with a small budget.” Now Karen is looking for an angel investor to go to other markets in the US and abroad.

Karen thinks the charity component of the site is the most enjoyable and rewarding. “When someone signs up for our newsletter we donate $1.00 to our charity of the month and a % of our profits that month also go to that charity. We get the word out about different organizations. It’a a win, win”.

In order to be successful on the web Karen says that you have to be constantly moving forward. “If you are standing still you are going backwards because everything is moving so fast and with viral marketing things are constantly changing. You need to keep on top of everything.”

The biggest thing going on in online shopping is “social retailing” it’s beyond social marketing. You want to know what your friends are buying and they want to know what you are buying. If you recommend an item(s) your friends are likely to buy that item(s). It’s an interface and interchange between friends about purchases.

When Karen has any spare time she love sports, tennis, visiting art galleries and learning more about art and reading historical fiction.

Karen’s Take on Fashion
” If you can get away without wearing stockings don’t wear them. In the corporate world, for job interviews and formal funerals you must wear stockings. Peep toe shoes or sandals with flesh color stockings is a bad look. When deciding what to wear you have to decide what your style is and what you want to project and go with that look  As far as trends New York women are embracing color. They love the new bright color jeans, or a pop of color, trench coats, wedges and platform shoes. Wedges are here to stay! Add a pair of platform shoes to your little black dress and you can update your look. There is so much accessible fashion today that anyone can have a chic look.”