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Silva_JobSecurityJob Security
Businesses and Companies are Looking for Ideas
on How to do Things Better

This is an opportunity for those who want job security and are interested in advancing their career. Why is now an opportunity? Businesses and companies are looking for ideas on how to do things better:  increased productivity and/or increased sales revenue. The employees who can step back from their function or the functions of others and analyze how goals are currently being reached takes the important first step in becoming more productive employees. The second step is more crucial: figuring out how this or that function can be done more effectively. Employees who can provide management with careful analysis and thoughtful recommendations for improving operations substantially increase their prospects for continued employment and career advancement.  The more their ideas are proven to have merit, the greater their future prospects become.


Under normal circumstances a rising sales curve covers many inefficient and marginally effective functions.  Today with sales declining, there is an opportunity to explain and show how inefficient operations can be made to contribute more to the overall economic good of the firm.

Isn’t there something you’ve seen at your company that needs improvement?  Figure out a solution and present your ideas to management.  They’ll soon see that you wish to contribute to the solution and are not part of the problem (a definition of Job Security).
As is their custom and dedication, the news media provides little to engender optimism with regard to today’s economy.  This is not the time to hide or be quiet or turn bearish.


R. David Silva

Career Editor

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