What jewelry can I wear with a black dress & black shoes?

What jewelry can I wear with a black dress & black shoes? What jewelry can I wear with a black dress & black shoes? The dress is simple & short. How should I do my hair? (It’s medium length & I’m thinking of dying it blonde.)

A piece of statement jewelry would look great with a simple black dress. Your black dress sounds very elegant and chic. You can carry a black bag and wear a statement necklace with simple style earrings or you can wear statement earrings with or without a simple style necklace. Your earrings and necklace do not have to match. One statement item in an outfit is usually enough. If you want to go more conservative or understated carry a black sequin or beaded bag and pearl jewelry with your black dress. Always wear your hair the way it looks most flattering with your face shape.

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What type of earrings do you wear with a chunky necklace?
A chunky necklace is usually large, chunky and / or an elaborate statement piece. It calls attention to your face area and draws attention upward away from your body and makes a statement.  No earrings or small, simple style earrings are appropriate and in good taste when wearing a statement necklace. Button or stud style earrings that co-ordinate in someway with your necklace are stylish choices. Pearl, diamond or metal earrings will go with most statement necklaces.Usually one statement is enough for any outfit.

How can I wear a brooch?
The pin (brooch) is the thing! You can wear a brooch in a number of new and inventive ways. Try fastening on a bow at the neck of a blouse, fasten in your hair, on a ribbon headband or on the side of your shoe. Traditional ways to wear brooches are on a jacket lapel, at your cleavage, on a bag or a belt. Have some fun trying your brooch in different ways and create a new l