Do I shorten jeggings or let them puddle on my shoes?

Do I shorten jeggings or let them puddle on my shoes? Jeggings look good around ankle length so have your jeggings shortened to look chic. Jeggings fit like tights and are similar to skinny jeans, sometimes they are called pull-on jeans. Tops should balance the bottoms. Jeggings without pockets look great with a loose or oversized shirt that hits right at or below the bottom. Jeggings with pockets can be worn with short or cropped tops.  Jeggings are perfect for boots, flats, or even heels for a night on the town.

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Dress to Kill: Bring Your Wardrobe Back to Life!
Spark up your creativity and revamp your wardrobe. Being fashionable isn’t about following trends or being the quintessential sultry goddess we all desire. It doesn’t involve strategically planning each outfit either. So, what does? Ladies, simply working with what you’ve got is the key.

Handbags, Scarves and Belts
Women’s fashion accessories such as handbags, scarves and belts allow you to vary your basic clothing. The accessories you wear should go together. Two accessories in the same color are enough. For example if you are wearing a gray dress with a red belt. You can add a scarf that has grey, red and black in it. Then wear black shoes and carry a black handbag. Stylish women over time have pulled an entire outfit together, developed their individual style and / or added a final touch to their outfits with the right accessories.