Are jeans acceptable office attire?

Are jeans acceptable office attire?Jeans are acceptable office attire in some companies. If you work for an IT or Ecommerce company, in a creative field or some  technology companies, jeans can be acceptable office attire.  If the managers in the company wear jeans they (jeans) are probably acceptable in the office. More traditional companies may allow jeans on casual Fridays but take your cues from what managers wear. Dark jeans and colored jeans look a little more dressy than blue denim jeans. A jacket with jeans gives you a more professional look.

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Office Fashion and Etiquette
Fashion, your appearance and office etiquette, say a multitude about you and can determine how far up the ladder of success you’ll be going. When it comes to fashion at your office know what position and / or title you want to achieve and dress for that position. The way you present yourself says whether you are ” on the ball”.

Business Casual for Women
Business casual attire for women continues to pose a challenge for many women that are serious about climbing the corporate ladder. “Casual” implies laid back or not serious. However an office environment means business. it is important to choose your business casual clothes carefully. You are being judged whether it is a regular workday day or casual Friday’s. When dressing for a casual workday it is prudent to stick close to your normal business attire.

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