Is it tacky to wear gold & silver together? I bought a black dress, with rhinestones on the straps, a silver necklace & earrings to match (my rings are gold).

Is it tacky to wear gold & silver together?Today it is acceptable to wear gold and silver jewelry together. With rhinestones on your straps you may not need both a necklace and earrings because it sounds like you have a lot going on. Try just wearing earrings and see how they look with your dress. If you are married wear your wedding band and engagement ring on your left hand (gold or silver) and 1 cocktail ring on your right hand. If you are not married just wear 1 cocktail ring on your right hand. Remember less is more when it comes to jewelry. You have to use common sense look in the mirror. Too much jewelry can make you look old and it can distract from you.

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