How can I dress my inverted triangle shape? I am 5’4″, 90lbs & my spine curves inward.

How can I dress my inverted triangle shape?Inverted triangle shape women are larger on top and have narrow hips. A slender body, average height (5’3″ – 5′ 7″) and average weight (90 – 125 pounds) are enviable by many divas. Separates are great for this body shape.  You need to balance your narrow hips with your wide shoulders.  Tops: Wear darker colors on top and chose wrap tops or shirt style tops with open necks and tops with V-necklines, U-necks, sweetheart-necks or square necks.  Tops with straps should hit the middle of your shoulders. Skirts and pants: A-line, wrap, pleated and gored skirts in patterns or bright colors are flattering on inverted shape body-types. Young women can wear A-line miniskirts. Skirts or pants in fabrics such as corduroy add some width in the hip area. Skinny jeans with chunky pockets or pockets that have detail like embroidery, or other decoration add width in the hip area. Jackets and coats: A peplum shaped jacket is great on inverted triangle figures. A_line or trench coats work well on this figure type. Dresses: Look for A-line dresses with flattering necklines described above. Dresses with horizontal stripe skirts are very chic on inverted triangle figures. Accessories: Necklaces that hang down vertically are flattering. Wide belts on your hips and handbags with straps that hit your hip area add volume in the hip area. Shoes with pointy toes or boots in bold styles work with this figure type.

How can I dress my inverted triangle shape? How can I dress my inverted triangle shape? How can I dress my inverted triangle shape?

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