Interested in Career Advancement? Consider Continuing Education

Interested in Career Advancement?

Go Back to School

Career Advancement
Continuing Education Programs Will Pay You Big Dividends

Whether you are continuing to learn in your career or have hit a wall in acquiring new skills, you might want to consider returning to the classroom.


Here are ten advantages of investing some of your time and effort in the classroom that may appeal to you.

1.    You can broaden your knowledge base by taking new subjects,
2.    You can meet people with different perspectives than those with whom you work,
3.    You can develop your presentation skills,
4.    You can sharpen your intellectual abilities by being able to question a person in authority (instructor or a presenter),
5.    You can develop a more disciplined approach to tackling tasks and completing assignments,
6.    You can improve your writing abilities as you will have to create entirely new documents rather than revising or commenting on existing company projects,
7.    Depending upon the subject you choose, you may find a new life interest,
8.    You may have to learn how to better manage your time as you will need to handle school, your classroom preparation and your work,
9.    You may benefit from getting a fresher perspective on yourself, your work and your life, and
10.     You will have the opportunity to expand your network of friends and acquaintances that may pay some dividends later in your career.

School provides many benefits, especially when your attendance is optional and at your discretion, which is much different from “having to get a degree”.  So approach a return to school with a positive mindset and a desire to satisfy your curiosity about a subject.  If you do, continuing education will pay you big dividends.


R. David Silva

Career Editor

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