Improve Your Career

Improve Your Career

New Year Resolutions
Can Improve Your Career

Improve Your Career. The New Year gives us an opportunity to look backwards at what we have accomplished as a prelude to forming some goals in the New Year.  What worked better for us in this year?  What did not meet our expectations? By answering these two questions you have an insight into your next year’s business resolutions.

Expanding one’s skill and knowledge levels is important to developing your career.  So what do you want to learn in the new year?  What do you want to become better at?  The answers may be the same as you had at the start of this year.  Or if you saw progress in this year, you might want to add new dimensions to your business career in the next year.

Just like personal goals, setting professional goals should be reviewed periodically and adjusted for achievements and failures. The start of the New Year provides an excellent opportunity to recalibrate goals and strategies that move your career to the next level.  Some additional questions to help you formulate those goals might be:

1.    What new areas of the business should I become familiar with?
2.    What areas of my knowledge base need improving?
3.    What opportunities did I miss in this year that I can grasp in next year?
4.    What daily or weekly activities should I add to my schedule?
5.    What activities should I curtail or eliminate?

These should get you started in setting goals for the next business year.  These questions can also help you judge your progress during this year.  A happy and prosperous New Year to all of you.


R. David Silva

Career Editor

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