What jewelry can I wear with a dress with a decorative ornament on it?

What jewelry can I wear with a dress with a decorative ornament on it?Keep any jewelry simple with a dress that has a decorative ornament. If the decorative ornament is multicolored, diamond stud earrings would look nice. Other options would be if the jewel on the dress has either silver or gold in it you can pick up either metal and wear a simple style earring in silver or gold. Try button or small loop style earrings. The bottom line is try some different combinations with the dress and see what looks the best. If you want to wear a bracelet wear it on the opposite side (arm) of the ornament on the dress. Less is more so you do not have to wear a bracelet. Keep all the attention around your head area.

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Jewelry Essentials
Like a basic clothing wardrobe you can build a basic collection of jewelry with a few pieces that can be worn for many years and on numerous occasions. The two most important considerations when choosing jewelry are quality and choosing pieces that compliment you. For instance, you should choose pieces according to your face shape, hair style, hair color, skin tone, and body proportion. Remember to buy the best that you can afford! A purchase of fine jewelry is a worthy investment.

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