Can I wear a red lace & satin cocktail dress in the summer? The dress is sleeveless, fitted & falls about knee length.

dress_cocktailRed-LaceYour beautiful red lace and satin cocktail dress sounds like a great investment. It is a classic cocktail dress and can be worn all year long (fall, winter, spring and summer) for dressy occasions like weddings, semi-formal or formal events.

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Fashion Q & A

The Secret to French Chic
The secret to French chic has to do with an attitude as much as style and good taste. French women create their own look or fashion. They are not slaves chasing the latest fashion trends. They like clean lines, streamlined silhouettes and something unexpected when they put an outfit together. If only there was a secret formula on how to achieve French chic or style.  In general there are a few basics to help you discover the secret to French Chic or style. Of course practice makes perfect!

Finding A Color That is Right For You
While there are many theories for how to determine the best colors to wear, many of them suggest you meet with an image professional for a color and skin tone analysis, not to mention an in-depth review of your current wardrobe.  Most do NOT tell you that choosing clothing is an intuitive process.  You are drawn to clothing pieces that relate to you and are often meant for you.