I have an orange, rusty color, cowl neck, fitted dress that I’m wearing it to a wedding in October. Contrasting colors seem to be the fad right now. What color accessories would you suggest I wear with it? Is purple a good color? Whatever color I choose do all my accessories have to match, shoes, purse, etc.

dress-Cowl-Neck-OrangexYour orange rusty color dress sounds great! Purples can look good with orange and rust if they are the right shade(s). It may be tricky finding accessories in the right color(s) of purple to go with your dress. Bone color, black or gold color shoes and matching color purse would go with a rusty color dress. You can add pearl or pearl and gold jewelry with gold or bone color shoes. You can wear metal (gold or silver), pearl or sparkly (quality rhinestone or diamond) jewelry with black shoes. Accessories don’t all have to match. For example, silver or rhinstone jewelry and a silver bag would work with an orange dress with black shoes and a black jacket or coat. The best way to pick accessorizes that harmonize with your dress is to try different combinations and check the mirror. When in doubt don’t.