How do I dress age appropriately? I am turning 30. I have a very professional job. At work I dress like a 50 yr old and at home I dress like a 20 yr old. I don’t know how to dress professionally without looking old or hip without looking to young. Please help!

How do I dress age appropriately?It is important to dress age appropriately if you want to project a professional image. You want to be taken seriously and be perceived as having good judgement and good taste to get ahead. A young person does not have to dress like a 50-year-old to look professional. Good quality tailored suits, two piece outfits, or dresses that fit well are professional but not necessarily old-looking. Suits that have an interesting design like a jacket with a diagonal jacket closing, military style jackets, etc. have a more youthful look. A solid color skirt or tailored pants with a color coordinated tweed, plaid jacket, etc. conveys a more youthful look. A sheath dress with a coordinating color jacket and a colorful scarf is another idea. Good quality leather pump style shoes and a leather handbag add the perfect finishing touch. You might consider a little above the knee dresses or skirts with tights. Power dressing means wearing tailored suits and dresses made of quality fabrics, flattering styles, well-fitting clothing (see your tailor) and strong colors. If you feel that you can’t find youthful looking professional clothing consider working with a personal shopper at a boutique or department store.

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Ever since humankind slipped into the first animal pelt, rafia skirt or toga, clothing has been used as a powerful communication tool.  Whether it’s pips on a General’s epaulet, ermine on a Lord’s robes or stripes on an old Etonian’s tie, clothing is ubiquitously used to denote background, status and power.

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