What can I wear colored pearls with? I am a natural redhead working in a court or law. I have a 60 inch strand of colored pearls.

What can I  wear colored pearls with? Your colored pearls sound beautiful.  Wear the pearls with clothing that picks up one of the colors in the pearls. For example a brown dress or brown outfit if the pearls have brown in them or a turquoise top with brown or beige suit, dress or slacks. If your necklace has gray and white pearls, a white or gray dress or suit would look good and coordinate with your colored pearls. You have a number of options. Experiment and enjoy wearing your gorgeous pearls.

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How to Wear Colorful Jewelry
Even women who love color are sometimes concerned about how exactly to wear colorful jewelry. It’s easier than you think! And certain to help make your personal style and flair shine through in a most distinctive and beautiful way.

Color and Business Attire
Color implies energy and a youthful attitude. Top executives in any company set the fashion trends for the office workers. Women who have reached high levels in their fields are more confident and not afraid to wear more color even in many conservative companies. Before you decide on how much color you can wear to the office consider the top executives and how they dress. The type of work environment in your organization is another important factor.

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