How to Wear Denim Jeans!

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Jeans are now considered classic wardrobe pieces and work well for casual events or more dressed up venues. There are unlimited jean choices: dark or light, skinny or flared, plus ripped and / or  distressed in some other fashion. Prices vary also some reaching North of $700.00 a pair.

For a sophisticated look a pair of dark tailored jeans look great with a blouse or men’s style shirt,  a blazer and stylish footwear. Adding a colorful scarf or piece of statement jewelry gives you a very chic look. Ways to dress up a jean outfit are numerous. A jacket in sequins, velvet or fur, or a status symbol like a designer handbag, stylish shoes or fine jewelry will elevate the style of  most outfits.

For casual, pair your jeans and  a “T” shirt,  plaid shirt or sweat shirt with flats or high tops. A pair of frayed, faded or distressed jeans can work for casual venues with many shoe styles.

Can women of all ages wear jeans? Just like any style of clothing you can wear jeans at any age as long as they are flattering on you. However over 25 year olds look ridiculous in distressed styles. As you age classic style clothing is much more flattering.

Have fun mixing classics with casual or dressy denims. Denims look good with any footwear: pumps, ankle and knee high boots or sandals, etc.