How to Be a Smart Shopper

How to Be a Smart ShopperHow to Be a Smart Shopper

A smart shopper considers the following:

Activities. Do you work, go to school, play tennis, hike, go to the opera, etc.?

What items are in your closet that can be worn for these activities? Some clothing can be worn for more than one activity.


Put together clothing pieces that work together. Do you need any new items or can you get along with what you have?

Make a list of things that you need to complete outfits.

Check to see if any clothing can be altered to wear or if a new set of buttons would improve an item so that you would want to wear it another season.

Stick to your budget.

Fashion trends are to encourage you to buy new items and increase sales for retailers. When you look at the new fashion trends in fashion magazines keep in mind the models wearing the clothing are usually size 2, 4 or 6, tall, thin and good looking.

There is no need to run out and buy trendy women’s clothing. It is important to learn what the new trends are and decide if any of them will flatter you and are within your budget. Then you can add an item to your wardrobe when or if needed. Never dash out and buy something that is trendy because celebrities are seen wearing it. This is a waste of money unless the item flatters you.

Simon Doonan, a Creative Director of Barneys, New York, said fashionable people don’t follow trends.

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