How do you wear temporary tattoos?

How do you wear temporary tattoos?Temporary tattoos can be worn on most parts of your body as fashion statements. You can apply these tattoos to your feet, arms, hands, back, and chest to finish off any look. However the latest trend is to wear tattoos as jewelry. Advantages to temporary tattoos are that they can be removed easily and designs can be changed from time to time. Temporary tattoos can be worn at the pool, to a festival, or on a night out. Looking for a temporary tattoo? A number of makeup companies have introduced temporary tattoos to their makeup lines and are they are available at Amazon.

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Temporary Tattoos
No need to risk infection from a dirty needle or needing to painfully remove unwanted tattoos now that temporary tattoos are an option. Temporary tattoos are non-permanent images on the skin that look like real tattoos. They can be drawn, painted, or airbrushed. Like any type of cosmetic you apply to your skin there can be side effects like minor skin irritation, including redness and swelling. There are 4 types of temporary tattoos to choose from: decal, metallic, air brush and henna.

Jewelry That Makes A Statement
Jewelry that makes a statement sends a message about who you are and what you value, conveys confidence and can make an outfit chic. I think what you notice first about someone is their personal statement. A piece of jewelry that catches your eye when you see a woman qualifies as a “statement” piece of jewelry. Something that stands out from everything else.