Hot Fashion, Classic Pleats

Hot Fashion, Classic Pleats Hot Fashion, Classic Pleats Hot Fashion, Classic Pleats

Hot Fashion, Classic Pleats

Hot fashion, classic pleats. There are a variety of pleated skirts or pleats as details on pants, blouses or dresses. Pleated skirts and dresses were shown in  a variety of hemline lengths and fabrics at runway shows. Of course pleated skirts are classics that have stood the test of time.  There is a youthfulness about pleated skirts. In light weight fabrics like chiffon and silk pleated skirts are swingy, energetic and feminine. Skinny pleats elongate your look with skirts that are knee-length or longer but wide pleats can add inches to your hips.


Styles with stitched down pleats around the hip and tummy area are more flattering on the average woman. Accordion pleats are more flattering on thin females because they add volume to your lower half.

Tips for wearing pleated skirts:

1) In general pleated skirts look fabulous with tucked in tops.

2) As far as length goes short women look best when their pleated skirts are knee-length or a little above the knee (no more than one inch).  If you’re tall try midcalf length styles.

3) Pleats are very feminine and look awesome with feminine footwear. Avoid pairing pleated skirts and dresses with boots. Shoes with heels complement pleated skirts and dresses.

4) Top with a blazer.

How to care for pleated garments:

1) Dry clean only.

2) Avoid spot treatments.

3) Confirm that your cleaner has a machine that can re-pleat.

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