Any holiday event footwear suggestions? I am unable to wear high heels this holiday season & I like shoes that are dressy & elegant ?

Any holiday event footwear suggestions?Holiday event footwear choices are numerous this season and  many styles are trendy with low heels or flat shoes. Shoes in velvet are au courant and will dress up any outfit and look elegant.  Something with sparkle such as sequins will look dressy & elegant for holiday events. More festive choices are styles in colored suede or silver / gold metallic leather.  Do an Internet search to find a style that you like. You’ll be surprised at all the options there are.

Any holiday event footwear suggestions? Any holiday event footwear suggestions? Any holiday event footwear suggestions?

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Holiday Chic
Holiday chic is festive and an excuse to dress up big time. If you can find something in your drawers and / or closet you can save time and money so don’t panic, shop your closet. The trends below have been around for a while and continue to be strong for holiday 2016.

A Holiday Staple –The LBD
Black dresses are a holiday staple reflecting the modern woman and can be fun, au courant, and free-spirited. The LBD (Little Black Dress) still remains the ultimate wardrobe staple after fifty years. Audrey Hepburn is responsible for putting it on the fashion map when she wore the glamorous black Givenchy cocktail dress in the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie.  Alive and well today the LBD is not always as serious as the one worn by Ms. Hepburn.

Holiday Make up and Skincare
Once again the holidays are almost upon us and with them come many social engagements that give us an opportunity to sparkle. With so many make up styles to choose from, I am always drawn to a handful of holiday looks that help inspire a festive spirit.