What style of headscarf / headband is pictured?

What style of headscarf / headband is pictured?A headscarf or headband made from a silk scarf is a colorful accessory that adds style to an outfit. Not sure if the scarf pictured has any name other than a head scarf. Head scarfs are usually worn on the head made with a light weight square-shaped scarf. They are tied at the back of the head. Headbands are usually made with a light weight rectangular shaped scarves. Do an Internet search to find scarves and headbands and Tying Scarfs /headbands/headscarves on you tube.

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The Scarf
The scarf offers endless possibilities for enhancing your looks and adding uniqueness to your personal presentation. Scarves can help you individualize your look in three ways: 1) they come in many sizes and fabrics, 2) you can combine them with various types of clothing and 3) you can tie or secure them in many different ways.

Instant Style: The Scarf
We have the “It” Handbag, the “It” Shoe and now the “It Scarf”. During the last few years we have witnessed scarfs being worn day and night, on young and old, and for casual or dressy occasions. Not only do they come in different sizes (over sized for drama or soft silks for a feminine look) and in every color(s) imaginable, they can transform your look instantly.

Essential French Style, The Scarf
A visit to Paris confirms that essential French style is a scarf. The scarf is an important part of French style in every French woman’s wardrobe. Scarves keep you warm, and they improve the look of any outfit. Scarves give women French style a more worldly, sophisticated, and refined look.