Handbags, the Shape of What’s to Come!

Handbags, the Shape of What's to Come!

Unusual Shapes

Handbags have saturated the fashion accessory scene for quite a while. There are numerous sizes, shapes and colors of bags to choose from. Designers must come up with something new every season to get noticed. This season they are focused on geometric forms such as circles, triangles, rectangles, squares and unusual shapes. These new shapes look especially stylish with classic style clothing since they can make a fashion statement.

What shape bag will work best for you? Experts say you should choose a bag that is the opposite of your figure. If you are tall and slim try out a round shape bag verses something more streamlined. If you have a curvy body look for more square or rectangle shaped bags that will compliment your body type.

Handbags, the Shape of What's to Come!

What size bag is perfect? Proportion has always been very important when choosing handbags. In general smaller size bags are more flattering on petite divas and taller, bigger gals can go for larger bags. Different size bags are in order for different uses. It is crucial that your bag holds the essentials you need for where you are going.  Naturally your gym bag needs to be larger than an evening bag.

Handbags, the Shape of What's to Come!

How many bags do you need? The number of bags you need depends on your life style. Most of us need a quality leather daytime bag that looks good with daytime outfits and some evening classics. A clutch or evening bag that goes with as many dressy outfits as possible is practical. A workout or weekend bag is necessary if you work out or play a sport such as tennis. If you are a working woman you may need a larger daytime bag that holds what you need for work and a casual bag is nice to have for weekends and in the summertime. A travel bag that keeps your important things safe is a must if you are a world traveler or want to be.

Handbags, the Shape of What's to Come! Handbags, the Shape of What's to Come! Handbags, the Shape of What's to Come!

What color(s) bag(s) should you have in your wardrobe? A wardrobe neutral color that goes with the majority of your clothes is required. Usually a black, brown or tan bag will do the trick for daytime and some evening events. Optional is a bold colored bag. A colored bag can add a statement to a classic outfit or is a way to introduce a trendy element to what you are wearing. Red’s, yellows or a bright blues will definitely get noticed. Black and / or a metallic evening bag goes with most dressy outfits. If you want an extra evening bag look for a beaded or sequin bag that will add POP to evening fashions.

Handbags, the Shape of What's to Come!Floral Print Bags

Hot handbag trends:
Unusual shapes
Details on bags such as metallic, embroidery, studs and sparkle
Fur, faux fur
Reds and burgundy
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