Can you wear jewelry with halter style tops?

Can you wear jewelry with halter style tops?Halter style tops are soooooo stylish but can be tricky when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry. The same rules apply when adding jewelry to a halter style top as to any clothing. With simple style tops a piece of statement jewelry such as gorgeous earrings are enough and with fancy style tops less is more so you want to keep it simple. When deciding what jewelry to wear with a halter top check the neckline first. Many have V necklines which make a pendant style necklace or a necklace that hangs down in the V very stylish. Also choker styles can look great with V neck tops.  If the neckline is high on the halter top something minimal would look chic. Tops with beading or some other detail around the neck usually look better without necklaces.

Can you wear jewelry with halter style tops? Can you wear jewelry with halter style tops?

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