Hairstyle Trends For Spring

Hairstyle Trends For SpringHairstyle Trends For Spring

With every new season, there are many trends that pop up and help complete a look. Everything from clothing and  accessories to makeup and hairstyles are all important for one to present an up-to-date look. In this post, we look at hairstyle trends for style and color.

Style tends for spring are natural looking and easy going.

  • Updos: These are very popular and chic.  A casual updo or knot is soft and loose, great all year-long but very popular in hot weather.  For a sophisticated look knots are neat and much sleeker. They are a perfect hairstyle for more formal occasions.
Hair Trend Hairstyle Trends For Spring
  • Braids: There are many different styles of braidingSome styles are elaborate and need to be done by a professional and others are easy to do yourself. They are a summertime favorite that look cool and comfortable but many women wear them in the cooler months also creating head-turning styles.

Hair color trends for spring include blonde, brown and ombre.

  • Blonde: While it may appear intriguing, all shades of blonde including dirty blonde, strawberry blonde and platinum are acceptable. Blonde comes in various shades including nighttime dandies, brighter sunshine, and golden tones.
  • Brown: Brunettes are allowed to wear their hair however they wish and in several shades including near black coloring and lighter chestnut.
  • Ombre: A nice ombre is achieved when the ends and roots are a lovely continuation of getting lighter towards the ends.

The beauty of hairstyle trends this spring is the addition of details.

  • Ultra voluminous hair: From North America to Europe, volume is a top trending look that dominates the runways. It is a look that’s great for party goers and professionals alike. Endless curls and backcombing are, of course, the secret behind really voluminous hair.
  • French plaits: This is one of the most intriguing hairstyles to hit the runways and features a more twisted creation across the head and crown. There are also modernized braided hairstyles as depicted by really curly locks at Giorgio Armani and Mohawk style French plait at Kenzo.
  • Go low with the ponytail: Less is more is something we’ve been hearing for 3-4 years now and it has become a big way of how we think. A trend that’s easy to pull off while keeping the tresses away from the face is particularly important for us girls who are always on the go. The gorgeous low ponytail serves this purpose and ensures elegance as well as youthfulness for busy women.
Hairstyle Trends For Spring Hairstyle Trends For Spring Hairstyle Trends For Spring

This is far from exhaustive as there are more trends such as extra long hair, tucked in hair, crimp creations, braids, crazy curls, deepened side part and ballerina buns. From modern to traditional hairstyles to putting a twist on the trends that are already here, the season will bring out a lot in terms of creativity.