Hair Styling Tips for Travel

Hair Styling Tips for TravelTravel Hair Nightmare

Travel is becoming more frequent for many and that includes going to different climates, be it an exotic location that offers a respite from the routine of daily life, visiting friends and family across the country, or perhaps there is a new career opportunity beckoning you from another state or continent. Whatever the situation may be, looking your best is always relevant. So have you ever wondered why when traveling to different climates suddenly your hair has taken on a completely different personality and began behaving badly? Well maybe you have, and never realized there was something that could be done. Well, there is!


Probably the most challenging climate for good hair, and also one of the most popular to visit is a location that has high humidity. Whether it is a tropical vacation or New York during the summertime, the result for many hair types is the same….frizzy! To combat this, products such as straightening gels and serums provide a heavy barrier against humidity. These are traditionally applied while the hair is wet, before blow drying. Two such items are Bumble and Bumble Straight, and Oribe Gel Serum. These can be used to create a smooth blow out for wavy hair, and control hair when going from curly to straight. These can also be used when diffusing curly hair as they keep the curls together and polished. For extra added protection, Oribe Impermeable is an aerosol that is used after blow drying to seal out moisture.


Sara Beth Cuadra
Guest Writer