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A Guide to Hair Extensions

Hair extensions certainly are not a one size fits all type of hair product. Hair extensions serve several purposes including adding volume and length to your hair as well as allowing you to experiment with different styles for your hair. Choosing the right type of hair extensions will allow the hair extensions to blend in with your hair naturally so that most people won’t even realize they are in your hair.  Choosing the wrong type of hair extensions will make them stick out like a sore thumb.

So how does one go about shopping for hair extensions if you have never bought them before? The first step would be to choose the right type of hair extension for you. There are many types of hair extensions that work for different hair types.  Popular types of hair extensions include:  fusion, micro link or micro cylinder, braidless sew-in, skin weft and clip-in or clip-on extensions.

Most people want their hair extensions to match the natural color of their hair. Not only do you to match the color but also the texture of your hair. You will want to see and feel the hair extensions in person before you buy them. It can be tough for first time buyers to find the extension that’s best for them buy themselves.  It can be helpful to consult with a stylist who is experienced with hair extensions. Also be sure that the stylist has experience in dealing with the extensions you are looking to buy. An inexperienced stylist could damage or harm your hair during the application and removal process. After your hair extensions are in, you should probably have your stylist give you a new cut that will help blend your hair with your new extensions.

 Hair Extensions Guide by Philip James Salon

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