Extend the Richness of Hair Color

Extend the Richness of Hair ColorHair Color Treatment

As we enter into the height of summer not only are the days growing  longer, but so is our exposure to the sun’s rays which tends to leave color treated hair looking a bit lackluster. While I hardly recommend avoiding the enjoyment of the outdoors for the sake of vanity, the public image of many is a vital component of daily business and a professional appearance must be maintained. Fortunately there are a variety of solutions that come in the form of simple maintenance that can extend the richness of hair color between regular appointments.

A good place to start is with the integrity of the hair by using a shampoo for color treated hair that is sodium chloride free. A weekly treatment mask replenishes moisture and helps to protect from the drying effects of the environment. Unfortunately, chronic sun exposure inevitably leads to excessive color fading that no amount of treatments can restore, and that is where a color gloss between hair color touch up appointments becomes necessary. Glosses are ammonia free demi – permanent hair colors that are gentle to the hair and can restore faded tresses to their original brilliance while also adding shine. Many salons also offer “in salon only” treatments that when done immediately after a color service can seal in pigment and prevent fading.

Tip: Wear a hat to protect your hair color from sun damage!


Sara Beth Cuadra

Guest Writer