What color should the groom & groomsmen wear at our wedding? It’s a Fall wedding & the girls are wearing blush & olive green.

What color should the groom & groomsmen wear at our wedding?The groom and groomsmen usually wear dark suits or tuxedos in weddings‎. Tuxedos are traditional men’s wedding party outfits. However today modern wedding parties coordinate their men’s clothing with the wedding colors, such as, in your case blush and olive-green. If you prefer the groom & groomsmen to wear suits dark navy blue suits or navy pinstripe suits would look great in the Fall and work with your olive-green and blush colors. You can bring in the bridesmaids colors in the men’s shirts and/or ties.  For example with dark navy suits the groomsmen can wear blue and white or olive-green and white stripe shirts with solid color ties or ties with two or the three of the wedding colors. The groom can wear a solid color shirt with a silk tie in a darker color than the shirt. The groom should wear the same suit but a different tie and shirt than the groomsmen. A sales associate can help you choose cool ties when you find the right suits. Experiment with shirt and tie combinations once you decide on your suit color. Tip: black shoes with navy suits.

What color should the groom & groomsmen wear at our wedding? What color should the groom & groomsmen wear at our wedding?

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Can a groom wear a suit instead of a tux?
Definitely grooms can wear a suit instead of a tux for the wedding ceremony. A suit is perfect for a casual wedding event or for a contemporary / modern looking wedding. Favorite color suits for grooms are charcoal, black, or navy blue worn with a white dress shirt and a solid-color or subtly patterned tie to dress it up. In warm climates a light color suit works well in a fabric such as linen for chic beach or country wedding venues. Whatever you choose to wear a suit or tux be sure it fits perfectly or visit a tailor.

Do I have to wear a tuxedo or can I wear a suit? My daughter’s wedding is coming up & the bridal party are in tuxedos!
Congratulations on your daughter’s up coming wedding. Since the bridal party is wearing tuxedos it would be appropriate for you to wear a tuxedo. This is a very special day in your daughter’s life and you want to please her and demonstrate you know what to wear. A tuxedo is a classic suit always in style and will not date any wedding photos.