Would a gold & ivory silk chiffon scarf look good with a black dress & gold accessories? My bridesmaids are picking out their own black satin dresses for the wedding. I bought their jewelry (gold earrings & pearl & gold bangles) & they are wearing gold shoes of their choice.

Would a gold & ivory silk chiffon scarf look good with a black dress & gold accessories?Your plan for the bridesmaid’s dresses, jewelry and shoes is great! Bridesmaid’s dresses do not have to match and will allow each attendant to wear a bridesmaid’s dress that is flattering on her body type. A silk chiffon scarf that is gold and ivory sounds good. Try the chiffon scarf with a complete outfit and see how it looks. You can also check out sheer (chiffon) black and white, black and gold or black white and gold scarves to see what looks best with the bridesmaid’s outfits. Experiment with some different options to see what will look best.

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Accessory Q&A

Selecting Bridesmaid’s Dresses
One of the first duties of every bride-to-be is to choose her bridesmaid’s dresses and the maid of honor dress and decide what colors and / or style of dresses she would like them to wear at her wedding. It is considerate to discuss with the bridesmaids the style and color of dresses they would prefer to wear on the wedding day.

The Scarf
The scarf offers endless possibilities for enhancing your looks and adding uniqueness to your personal presentation. Scarves can help you individualize your look in three ways: 1) they come in many sizes and fabrics, 2) you can combine them with various types of clothing and 3) you can tie or secure them in many different ways.

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