What is a gilet?

What is a gilet?A gilet is a lightweight vest or sleeveless jacket, pronounced “Jee-Lay”, with a streamlined fit . Sometimes a gilet is referred to as a body warmer. When worn with other warm clothes they keep the cold out. Gilets are very chic today and come in a number of different fabrics from fleece, quilted fabrics, fur, etc. and a wide range of colors. They are especially popular in the spring and fall when the weather is not too hot or too cold. Sports enthusiasts love them for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, shooting and fishing because they don’t restrict the arms and many styles have pockets. You can wear just about anything underneath a gilet whether it’s a long sleeve shirt, cashmere sweater or simple polo T-shirt. Add a pair of denims, dark jeans or warm trousers, and smart boots or wear over a skirt or dress and you are good to go.

What is a gilet? What is a gilet? What is a gilet?

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How to Find a Great Winter Coat
Now is a great time to find a new winter coat. This time of year there are more styles available in stores and a greater selection of sizes to be had before the latest selections are picked over. A winter coat is a key investment piece. It should be stylish and keep you warm.

What is the word on length of coats this season?
The good news is that the length of coats any season is the length that flatters you  Things to consider when choosing a coat length is your height and what you plan to wear under it. In general tall women can wear longer length coats and short women look better with coats around knee-length. Short coats look good with skinny pants or leggings if you are short.

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