Georgina Pazcoguin, Ballerina

Georgina Pazcoguin, Ballerina

Georgina Pazcoguin
Senior Corps
New York City Ballet

Georgina was raised in Altoona, PA and attended Catholic schools through 10th grade. She then received a full scholarship to the winter course at the School of American Ballet (SAB) the official school of the New York City Ballet, and for the moment, completed her education at the Professional Children’s School.


One of 6 children Georgina said “I was always performing at home.” She knew she wanted to be a ballerina by age 7, when on a visit to NYC she saw a performance of the Jerome Robbins ballet “The Cage” danced by the SF Ballet. She said “I have to do that, whatever that is; I need to do that. I wanted to be on stage. It was so striking and beautiful to me.”

She began her dance training at the age of four at the Allegheny Ballet Academy. She studied with Deborah Anthony, Richard Cook, and Cherié Noble. During summers she trained at programs of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.

In the fall of 2002 Georgina became an apprentice with the New York City Ballet, and in October 2003 she joined the Company as a member of the corps de ballet.

Georgina usually takes a company dance class at 10:30 AM; then has rehearsals, which vary but might be 6 hours long (3 hours, then 1 hour off, followed by another 3 hours of work). But there are also some days with only a one half hour rehearsal. If there is a performance that evening, it is in addition to that day’s rehearsal. A dancer has to learn different roles and stay tuned in to her physical fitness and capabilities.

When Georgina joined the ballet company, the senior corps of dancers was very supportive. She feels now, as a member of the senior corps, it is one of her responsibilities to help new members of the company.

Georgina is starting her 8th season with the NYC Ballet and has accumulated a lot of knowledge. She dances a lot of Jerome Robbins and Balanchine Ballets. As a member of the senior corps, she also has featured roles.  If there is a triple bill, she usually dances in all three ballets which she says “…gives you a feeling that you are an integral part of the company.”
Growing up dancers give up many extra curricular and social activities in order to pursue their careers. Also, injuries can give dancers “set backs.” Georgina hurt her ankle last December but she says “…injuries are part of the game. Ballet is very physical. It’s almost like playing in a football game.” But hearing the audience’s applause, after you have finished a difficult ballet performance, gives you satisfaction since you know they enjoyed the company’s efforts.

Georgina feels the keys to success in this field, aside from talent, are determination and perseverance. You have to avoid the trap of comparing yourself to other dancers and focus on your strengths and abilities and do your best. “Ballet is a very personal career. I’m dancing for me. You cannot lose sight of what you want out of your career.”

In her free time, Georgina loves singing and surfing off the coast of Costa Rica. She also is thinking about her career after the ballet, exploring a number of options such as theatre or a screen career.

Georgina has many favorite ballets but loves all of the Stravinsky Ballets and is drawn to dark ballets, where there is a death character.