How can I dress down a formal piece?

How can I dress down a formal piece?A formal piece can be dressed down with a casual piece. Denim, bold accessories, big bags and low heel shoes will tone down a dressy item. For example pair sneakers with a sequin skirt. Add a denim or moto jacket to a velvet skirt. Wearing a pullover sweater and a backpack over a dress is another way to dress down a formal piece. Edgy shades and chunky platforms will tone down a cocktail dress for daytime. Pair a print with sequins in the same colors or a dressy blouse with jeans. Play around with things you have in your closet for ideas that will work for you.

How can I dress down a formal piece? How can I dress down a formal piece? How can I dress down a formal piece?

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The Latest Fashion Trend: Break a Fashion Rule
If you want to look chic and / or ramp up your style the latest fashion trend is to break a fashion rule. Patterns and prints that clash, bold and bright colors, layer multiple pieces, print shoes with print dresses, print  skirts or print pants or wear  a ball gown with trainers. Fashionistas are wearing pajamas with hats and heels,  underwear is now outerwear and women are even wearing white to weddings when they are not the bride.

Fashion Dead or Alive?
Fashion defined as a popular trend suggests that fashion is still alive and well. There are an abundance of trends out there. Fashionable garments were once created by designers and worn by people of wealth and position, such as Princess Di, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly, etc. Other women tried to emulate these styles and designers were the leading force behind what other women wore. There were fashion rules to live by, such as: no white clothes worn after Labor Day, fabrics such as lace and velvet were only worn for special occasions and you would never wear denim jeans to a symphony or ballet performance. Fast forward to today and just about all fashion guidelines have disappeared.

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