Are floral prints appropriate in the office?

Are floral prints appropriate in the office?Floral prints can be soooo uplifting but they can look very dowdy on some figures.  If your office dress code is casual you can probably get away with a floral print in a tailored style shirt blouse with a solid color pencil skirt or ankle pants. A floral pencil style skirt with a solid color shirt or stylish tee shirt is another possibility. A denim shirt or blouse worn with a floral print pencil style skirt is  a very modern look. Wear with heels and top with a cardigan sweater or tailored blazer. If you work in a formal and more traditional office a small floral print blouse with a classic style skirt or pant suit can work. Avoid floaty style clothing in floral prints in the workplace.

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Wearing Prints and Patterns
When choosing things to wear, we want to accentuate the positive. The first thing to think about when selecting prints or patterned clothing is the proportion or scale. Large prints will call attention to you and your size. Small women don’t look good in clothing with large prints or patterns. Large women are already noticeable and will just call attention to their size when wearing large prints or patterns. Scale the prints to your size and you’re “good to go.

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