What style shoes go with flared pants?

What style shoes go with flared pants?Flared pants are so chic, elegant and offer versatile style. You can dress them up for a party or dress them down for play or pair with a cropped jacket for the office. Another plus is they keep your legs warm in the winter. Always where flared pants with heels. You can style them with heeled boots in the winter. If the length needs to be adjusted wear the shoes you intend to wear with your pants when you visit the tailor. Most tops work with flared pants. T-shirts, turtlenecks, etc. will make a fabulous outfit. Tall women look awesome in flared pants but shorter females can choose a monochromatic color scheme and a slight flared style pant to rock this style.

What style shoes go with flared pants? What style shoes go with flared pants? What style shoes go with flared pants? What style shoes go with flared pants?

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What type of women’s dress pants & jeans are in style for 2017 & 2018?
Dress pants and jeans in every style are “in” this year. Bootcut, flare, wide leg, skinny and straight leg styles are all in style today as long as they are flattering on you. Designers promoted wide leg pants this year but most women are continuing to wear slim pants. Wide legged pants look fabulous if you are tall, but don’t work on short females. If you are “hippy” slim style ankle pants won’t look good on you. Wide bottomed / flare pants are best on hippy women because they balance their hips. Most fashion trends are being dictated by the modern woman (not designers) who is into casual and comfortable clothes that make her look awesome. For example go to Saks Fifth Avenue or any retailer website and search “women’s pants” you will see a variety of pant styles to choose from. When choosing any fashion to wear you need to know your body type in order to know what is flattering on you. Chic women ignore trends and wear clothes that make them look great!

Perfect Fitting Pants Guide
Perfect fitting pants or jeans are going to be different for different figure shapes. Most of us love wearing pants and we wear them most of the time, however there is no one size or style that fits all. Pants come in many styles and when they fit perfectly they look great and are comfortable. Finding the perfect pants means putting in some time trying on different styles to see which look best on you. Sizes often vary among different brands but once you find a brand that fits you, invest in several or many pairs in a neutral color.

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