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Find a fragrance. There is nothing worse than having a favorite beauty product discontinued and trying to find a replacement that you like. Recently the fragrance I love discontinued their travel size. Everyone said I smelled great when I wore it and I was always getting compliments. I like to take my fragrance when I travel so I was determined to find a replacement fragrance that was available in a size that is travel friendly and smelled as great on me.

Well if you ever tried to find a new fragrance you know it is a real challenge and can be an overwhelming experience.  However there is a fragrance editor, FR.eD, on the Perfume Society website that will help you locate a new fragrance or a replacement fragrance for the scent you love. Input the name of  a fragrance into their form and FR.eD will make a number of suggestions for new fragrances to try, across a range of price-points.

FR.eD – your ‘fragrance editor’ can help you find gifts for friends and relations if you know a perfume that person  already loves and wears. It also offers a subscription organization for perfume-lovers. You can find events, courses, sampling opportunities, and a downloadable magazine, The Scented Letter on FR.eD. Plus the Perfume Society can keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in the fragrance industry.  Now you can save time by letting FR.eD do the work!

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The Perfect Scent
There are hundreds of new upper end perfumes introduced in the US every year. Not to mention hundreds are introduced in other countries each year also. No wonder it is confusing to find a scent that you like or “the perfect scent”. With so many cologne and perfumes to choose from one can easily be overwhelmed.

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