A February Fashion Challenge!

 A February Fashion Challenge!A February Fashion Challenge!
Cultivate your Own Style

A February fashion challenge! Another Valentine’s Day is upon us so let’s make it different this time and participate in a fashion challenge? That would not only set this day apart from the rest but incorporate a little something new in your life that involves cultivating your own style and fashion sense. Now the challenge is to love yourself, ( at least that is the start of it ) for 7 days (even if you already do) wear something that shows how your reflect love and happiness in your life. But make it fun! Now let’s create some guidelines for this challenge:

1. Work with what you have in your current wardrobe. (You might surprise yourself!) When you’re ready—go shopping!
2. Share your new fashion self with your significant other or friends-inspire and be ready to impress them!
3. Take a selfie, hide it, and pull it out next V-Day. See if it makes you giggle or ponder and think gee my fashion confidence has grown and now ROCKS!

A February Fashion Challenge! A February Fashion Challenge! A February Fashion Challenge!

Now that we have got the rules here are a few examples of how to work your V-Day fashion moments! Remember when devising your plan be daring, be different and stay true to you!

Wear something vivaciously sexy underneath your days dress. You can choose a bold color in your favorite bra like a vibrant red or rich burgundy bra or wear a pair of thongs that you wouldn’t normally wear. Why not be inspired by the film 50 Shades of Grey or Basic Instinct. Talk about finding your alter ego! Get some sexy inspiration from your favorite lingerie collection. This is where you can be provocative, sensual, seductive, and no one has to know but you and your significant other!

A February Fashion Challenge! A February Fashion Challenge! A February Fashion Challenge!

Each day do something different-make it your ritual. Let your inner vivaciousness come to the surface lounge around after work or during a selfie moment in a luxurious kimono and sexy slipper heels. Try a silk kimono and if you want to make it really special for your love bug get him and her robes and spend a quiet afternoon together sipping champagne and enjoying the moment.

A February Fashion Challenge! A February Fashion Challenge!

For those who like to showcase-In February we all wear RED!  By now we all know the cape trend has elevated itself to chicer possibilities and this is one of my favorites. SO ladies try a LRD (little red dress) or take it up a notch and style yourself in a red cape dress. Let the beautiful and divine Lupita Nyongo inspire you- Be stunning, elegant, and divine. And by all means say you are!

A February Fashion Challenge! A February Fashion Challenge! A February Fashion Challenge!

Be what you consider your sexiest be bold, clever, and fun and embrace how those seven days make you feel. Do you feel more mystique, seductive, confidant, feminine, wild, or outrageous? Now personally I probably wouldn’t go as far as wearing a coat, heels, and just your favorite intimates underneath but if you feel that adventurous go for it but please don’t flash anybody! Most importantly have fun with this challenge and by all means do make it an adventure!

Stay stylish loves!-Y

Yolanda Wright


Yolanda R. Wright
Guest Writer

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