Feathers Make A Statement at Parties

Feathers Make A Statement at Parties Feathers Make A Statement at Parties Feathers Make A Statement at Parties

Feathers and Fashion

Feathers are glamorous and luxurious and they are flying. Designers are featuring fashions with head-to-toe feathers on dresses, adding them to tops and jackets, and overlaying them in stylish ways. Feathers are creating sweeping trains on evening gowns and will exaggerate movement while you dance the night away. A plus for wearing feathers is that they will help you accentuate your positive features. If you want to spotlight your face instead of your legs add some feathers around your neckline.

Feathers have had a long history in fashion. Feathery fashions were featured in movies such as The Great Gatsby movie and in the stage version of Top Hat and the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. It looks like they will be fluttering around for a while so it is safe to invest in a feather boa for the holidays if you don’t want to make a big fashion commitment in feathers.

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