Faux Fur Fashion and Fun

Faux Fur Fashion and FunAnimal Print Faux Fur Coat*
Faux Fur Fashion and Fun

Faux fur fashion and fun. A few years ago synthetic / faux furs were thought of as tacky by some. Today advances in technology have enabled faux fur fabrics to look like real fur. These synthetic textiles are less likely to matte or shed and they are softer, silkier, more luxurious and easier for fashion designers to work with than fur pelts.


Now there are more styles of faux fur clothing and accessories than ever. Demand has increased for faux fur fashion and  is popular and accepted by fashion conscious women. Besides coats, vests and jackets that look like the real thing there are many playful, novel styles available. The weight, depth of pile and density determine the warmth of faux fur jackets and coats.

Faux Fur Fashion Faux Fur Fashion Faux Fur Fashion


In addition to be cruelty-free faux free clothing is easier to care for and less expensive than real fur. Winter is upon us and keeping warm, cosey and chic is the goal.

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