Fashion Icon Melania Visits the Middle East

Fashion Icon Melania Visits the Middle East

Fashion Icon

Fashion icon, Melania Trump has a very classic style. No matter what is said about her, she always looks in good taste. She also knows how to select fashions that flatter her body type. The black jumpsuit Melania is wearing as she arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was long-sleeved, wide-legged, with a narrow slit down the neckline and cinched at the waist with a wide gold belt and black patent stilettos. Wearing a wide belt when you are as tall as she is (5′ 11″) gives the illusion of not being quite as tall. Gold jewelry looks fabulous with her belt. The color selection of gold is apropos since we associate gold with the Middle East. Gold symbolizes high quality, wisdom and wealth.

Much has been said about the fact that Melania’s  head is uncovered. Is it appropriate for her to not be wearing a scarf head cover? Actually women are asked to wear a head scarf when they go into a place of prayer.  Making it optional other places.

Melania has said she thinks this trip is an opportunity to support her husband, the President, as he works on matters of national security and foreign relations. In addition she is honored to visit and speak with women and children from different countries, with different perspectives. Besides Saudi Arabia she will be visiting Israel, Italy, Belgium and Sicily.  Her knowledge of five languages should come in handy as they travel to different countries.

Fashion Icon Melania Visits the Middle East

Travel Outfit

MaxMara sweater and tomato-red skirt by Herve Pierre, the designer behind her white inauguration gown!

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