Fashion Dead or Alive?

Fashion Dead or Alive? Fashion Dead or Alive? Fashion Dead or Alive?

Fashion defined as a popular trend suggests that fashion is still alive and well. There are an abundance of trends out there. Fashionable garments were once created by designers and worn by people of wealth and position, such as Princess Di, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly, etc. Other women tried to emulate these styles and designers were the leading force behind what other women wore. There were fashion rules to live by, such as: no white clothes worn after Labor Day, fabrics such as lace and velvet were only worn for special occasions and you would never wear denim jeans to a symphony or ballet performance. Fast forward to today and just about all fashion guidelines have disappeared.

Today popular trends lack any rules to hang on to for safety, leaving “today’s fashion” in complete chaos. The latest fashion trends are “Break a Fashion Rule” or “Wear Whatever You Want Where You Want”. The idea of putting together an outfit that you like is creative but can be disastrous if it does not flatter you, a double-edged sword. There is a bit of crowd-following and wanting to look like everyone else. When considering the work “uniform” in some of the tech companies, what is creative about everyone in denim jeans?

Fashion Dead or Alive?Going to Work

Today fashion is dictated by the concept of “casual”. It is evolving from the streets, from different cultures and/or from what entertainers are wearing, such as an exaggerated style to get noticed. A goal for today’s woman should be putting together an outfit that is flattering on her and is appropriate for where she is going. This sends a message that she is bright, confident, independent and broadcasts good taste. Wearing clothing that is too tight, too short or too low-cut sends an undesirable message that is not flattering!

Fashion Dead or Alive?

Dressed with Style and in Good Taste!!!!!!!!!!!