Fashion and CHANGE meets social responsibility!

Eco Fashion
“You must be the Change if you wish to see the change in the world”

There is a change happening in Madison, Wisconsin. The fair trade fashion boutique is called Change. Nikki Anderson is the founder and owner of this eclectic environmental gem and has blended creativity, social responsibility, and fashion. The driving force behind her mission statement is a simple little quote: “You must be the change if you wish to see the change in the world.” Nikki’s boutique takes being socially conscious within the fashion world by storm by helping brands that encourage and represent responsible consumerism while uplifting people’s lives across the globe. She helps educate American consumers on making ethical choices when shopping and creates an accessible fashion space to do so! Nikki has gathered some of the world’s most interesting environmentally and socially conscious vendors and has a created a play land for her customers.

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The Global Mamas community is all about staying in the know. They are driven by loving your product, knowing the producer, and changing someone’s life.

Eco Fashion

Greenola-Change your style!

This great fashion find is all about transformation. Transform your style while transforming someone’s life out of poverty. From Kenya to Bolivia this company cultivates art and produces fashions with cultural materials they love! Made by women in Bolivia and Uganda, peplum made of 100% Kintege cloth.

Eco Necklace

This necklace is made in Krobo in Southern Ghana with recycled glass. The Brass earrings below are made in Nairobi, Kenya

Eco Earrings Eco Earrings Eco Earrings


DONATE NOW  provide jobs and hope for women in Ghana by investing in Global Mamas. Global Mamas is a registered non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

GREENOLA Style supports, advances, and believes in Woman Empowerment, working mostly with women who otherwise are without voice or opportunity.

Yolanda Wright Fashion Editor

Yolanda R. Wright
Fashion Editor