Eva Schuberth, Editor

Eva Schuberth, Editor, Bunte

Eva Schuberth
Editor, Bunte

Eva Schuberth, who was born and grew up in Munich, Germany, has a freshness and enthusiasm for living.

When I met Eva, she was working in New York as a Junior Editor doing a 3 month stint in the US correspondence office of the Germany Elle magazine, owned by the same company that owns the magazines: In Style and Bunte, (similar to People magazine). At Elle, Eva researched and wrote articles, produced a monthly newsletter (20 pages long) about young people, fashion, art, and culture.  She also organized fashion photo shoots, which involved ordering all the samples for the shoots plus seeing that all items got returned, attended events and press reviews of designers, etc.


She is now working as a full editor for Bunte.  Because Bunte is a weekly magazine her days are quite busy. She is involved in planning each issue, collecting images, arranging photo shoots, writing stories, writing a blog, layouts, conducting interviews, attending events, and press reviews, etc.

Eva did not reach this position overnight. It happened one step at a time. After completing high school, Eva worked as an intern for 8 months at ProSieben (Pro7) TV (one of Europe’s leading media corporations). While at Pro7, she worked in a number of departments and on Gallileo a science magazine for TV.

Eva said “When I took that job, I was not sure what I wanted to study but I liked the media business and TV. I went back to school for my Bachelor of Arts degree at the Makromedia Akademie and studied media management with a focus on TV production.”  She said “Students in the program got a lot of practical experience. They produced their own movies, learned about hosting shows, etc.” While working on her degree, Eva also interned with several TV production companies.

After completing her degree she got a trainee position with a production company. There she developed a screen play and decided she enjoyed writing more than TV production.

Always interested in fashion, style and gossip, Eva applied for an internship at the German InStyle magazine. She wrote small articles about fashion and developed headlines for stories and was quite successful. “I loved writing!” she said. Eva was then given the opportunity to work for a different magazine, Bunte, owned by the same company.  At Bunte Eva worked as a young fashion editor and simultaneously was in a training program, getting a solid journalism education of writing, print, online, video podcasts, etc. Eva said, “It’s not enough to be just a journalist today, you need to have skills like podcast video, online, etc. to compete. You have to know everything.”

Eva thinks the biggest work related challenge she faces is getting “…all the facts correct when writing an article.” Also, getting interviews can be difficult, she says, “You have to push, push, push, arrange, and then they often get cancelled.”

Eva said the most enjoyable aspect of her job is that “…everyday is different; you are not tied to a desk; you are always going to events; meeting people; and you get to travel.”

The keys to success in this field are to do your best, be persistent, like people and be yourself. “Of course, it helps if the chief editor likes your style.” She says “I am not afraid to discuss things with my boss and say what I think.”

Eva sees the Internet as having the biggest impact on the print media business. Companies are downsizing, cutting employees and trying to figure out how to make money online. Today everyone has to be extremely cost conscious.

Eva thinks that someday in the future she would like to write a column about people, life, fashion, etc.

Eva learned English in school and was exposed to the language when traveling. She watched English movies, soaps, read English language magazines, etc. and says she writes in English.