End of Summer in NYC

End of Summer in NYCSummer
New York Street Fashions

Summer is hot and humid in NYC on Labor Day weekend. The streets are buzzing with every type of fashion you can imagine. Colorful dresses are popular but there are shorts and pants of all lengths on the streets of Manhattan. New York women are not as in love with denim as the divas on the streets of Scandinavia but there is some. Transparent fashions and short hemlines are hot. Shirtwaist, maxi and sundresses are fashionista choices. New Yorker’s love classic black and white color ensembles, floral and graphic prints, stripes and lace. Wedge style shoes, flats, strappy sandals, athletic shoes and sandals with ankle straps are favorite footwear styles. See what New York women favor to keep stylish and cool!


Scandinavia Summer Street Style

Danish Fashion and Style
Danish fashion and style are casual and comfortable! Scandinavia is having a heat wave and women in Denmark are trying to stay cool! Copenhagen summer fashion is like fashion in other Western cities. Skinny, cropped pants and shorts are favorites. Women love maxi dresses and skirts and cotton dresses. Shift and shirtwaist style dresses in light weight fabrics are popular.  Classic tank tops are being worn with denim cut offs.

Norwegian Street Fashion
Norwegian fashion is similar to other Western countries. Women are wearing very casual clothing. The photos in this blog were taken primarily in Oslo, Norway.  The weather was hot. Norway was having a heat wave and you can see shorts were very popular. Denim cut offs were favored by the younger fashionistas like in all big cities.  Women were attempting to stay cool in summer dresses in different lengths and maxi dresses and skirts. Fashions were made from sheer fabrics and light weight cottons. Tank tops were evident and were keeping fashion divas cool in the July warm weather. Footwear varied from strappy sandals, the classic, flip-flops and athletic shoes.

Swedish Style
Swedish style is casual and comfortable clothing. Interest in fashion is big in Sweden and the country is headquarters for the famous brand Hennes & Mauritz (H&M).  The weather is warm in July and  daylight varies widely from more than 18 hours around midsummer. Many of the global trends are evident on the streets of Stockholm. You see Swedish fashionistas wearing floral prints, lace, denim, maxi dresses and skirts, sandals, flip-flops, athletic shoes, cut out jeans, cut off denim shorts, cropped tops, and a lot of white. Styles are laid back and underwear is peeping out of open backs and tank tops. Black bras under white  tops or .transparent fabrics and striped fashions were plentiful.