What else can I wear with a mocha color shell & a black skirt? The mocha color shell is leather, the black skirt above the knees, the shoes high heel pumps & silver earrings & a wide (cuff) bracelet. I am size 6, 5′ 6″, look maybe 10 yrs younger than my 61 yrs.

What else can I wear with a mocha color shell & a black skirt?A mocha color leather shell and black skirt are terrific basics to work with.  Since you have a great figure a black skirt above the knees will look chic with sheer black stockings or black tights and black shoes. Silver earrings and a wide (cuff) bracelet will look great with your outfit. Less is more when it comes to jewelry. You can add a black handbag or mocha color bag. Choose a clutch style bag for evening.

Pictured: Nancy Gonzalez – Crocodile Fringe Crossbody Clutch Bag

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Make a Fashion Statement with a Classic
This season the“cuff” (a classic style) bracelet is making a big comeback. It gets its name from its similarity to a cuff on a blouse. The cuff bracelet is also a classic that you can wear anytime. If you want to add just one item this season-go for a dramatic cuff bracelet and make a statement.

How to Select a Handbag
How to Select a Handbag. Investing in quality is very important when selecting a handbag.  A good quality, classic handbag is a simple leather bag without a lot of ornamentation. Make sure that your handbag is well made. The stitching should be secure. The zipper should be strong enough to work properly. Fabric bags should have zippers that do not get caught in the material of the bag. A good quality handbag should last for many years.